How Do I Setup My Tp-Link Outdoor Router?

Tp-link outdoor setup

TP-Link CPE210 Setup is to be done outdoor because it is an extender for the outdoors or for the far distant range. This radius is calculated in kilometers and miles. The advanced antennas on this tp link cpe210 repeater setup are strong even to push the network range up to five kilometers. Now you may know why they call it max stream – that kilometer figure is enough in explanation.

There is the PharOS application by Tp-link, especially for outdoor routers. So, you may manage tp-link outdoor cpe setup easily and handy on your computer. Let’s go through its features real quick then we can jump over the Tp-link CPE210 Setup.

Features of TP-Link CPE210

There are a number of features that will make sure that you make the right decision. So go through them one by one in order to make the right pick as per your requirement.

Weather Proof – The setup is weather proof, and even the setup gives you 6KV lightning protection. You tp link outdoor extender will be all secured from those harsh rains and storms.

Amazing Antennas – The built-in high gain dual-polarized antennas of this tp link extender makes sure that the interference should be of the minimum level. The dedicated metal reflector on this system aids in the same direction.

PharOS Control – Pharos control is here, giving web access to your tp link outdoor repeater. This allows you to monitor manage the system on a professional level of the tp-link cpe210 setup.

TDMA Technology – The TDMA stands for Time-Division-Multiple-Access technology. This here is improving the performance and decreasing the lagging time. So you stay away from buffering.

How to do TP-Link CPE210 Setup?

Make sure of the operating system and of the Web browser; before you begin to setup. We mean just try to get a compatible system and fast browser, try avoiding the internet explorer and follow the steps in order.

  1. The basic one start by connecting the device to your computer for setup.
  2. Check the general settings of your PC. Set the IP address on static as of the Subnet mask. The static IP address shall be 192.168.0.X and keep the value of X in between 2 to 253.
  3. Next, use the IP address of in the search bar of your browser. Run it. It is for the PharOS configuration.
  4. The login page of the tp link cpe210 repeater setup will open.
  5. There are two fields required to be filled with the word ‘admin’
  6. Make sure to select the language, too, while check boxing the terms and conditions box. Click on the login button.
  7. Now you may set the username and password for your cpe210 and end it by clicking on the finish button.

Further, you may configure as per your wish and how you want to use the outdoor device. There are a number of options there for you to play with.


We sincerely hope that your query of tp-link cpe210 setup is now all sorted and you are enjoying this new outdoor router setup.

In case you still feel a need for assistance and help then, kindly reach out to our dedicated tech support team. We always feel it in our immense pleasure to be of your help. There is a chat box window right there on your desktop’s right bottom. Message us, and we are available.

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