How To Fix TP-Link Extender’s Blinking Light Issue?

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In order to fix the problem with TP-Link extender’s blinking light, we need to find out why the light is even blinking. The thing is, only for these situations, one should know the LED behavior of their networking devices or of any devices they own. The LED indicator is the language of your TP-Link Extender Setup. The blinking light does not represent just one issue, but there could be multiple. We will be presenting you with all those issues and concerns here. When you know the problem, in such situations, the need won’t occur to reach to the last resort or reset your networking device.

Mostly this blinking light is either amber or red in color. There is no need to worry about the cause because you are here for the solution. First of all, we will be looking at the meaning of this TP-Link extender’s blinking light. After which, we will be looking at the troubleshooting tips and the final resort to get it sorted.

We hope you are ready to get started. Then, hop on the ride to sort the issue out.

What is TP-Link Extender’s Blinking Light Error or Issue? Troubleshooting Tips 

There are a number of meanings to decipher from that blinking light of your TP-Link Extender setup. So, let’s have a look at what that can be. We are beforehand ensuring you of the fact that the blinking light on your tplink extender of red color is not a piece of good news. It ain’t that bad because the solution can be done just by you.

Let’s look into the meaning first.
  • The primary reason could be that the extender is not working properly. This may happen because of the cluttered data or wrong updates or maybe even through the means of delayed firmware updates. If so, kindly update your firmware by means of TP-Link extender login using the login address of
  • We hope you are already aware of the fact that your extender needs a proper power supply in order to run itself properly. If power is not of compatibility, then it could be the problem causing.
  • Ensure your extender is receiving a proper network connection. The extender also blinks light when it is unable to connect to the network of your home router. The primary task of extenders is to re-broadcast the network signals. If it is not receiving any, it will show the issue. The light may be the sync light that is blinking.
  • Kindly check if your device is overheated or something. Whenever the device is overheated, please let it rest till it reaches to a normal temperature if it is heating again and again. Do contact the place from where you buy because not all issues are software issues. There could be hardware issues too.
  • The last thing is that your TP-Link extender must have been malfunctioning. This can be caused by means of an infected network, over the heated device, or even by means of the faulty firmware update on your extender. It’s a gadget only; it does malfunctions with minor sets of inconvenience.

These are the reasons that might be causing your TP-Link extender to blink light. Ensure all of this is fine. If all of this is fine, then we will be reaching to the last resort called reset. The steps of reset are mentioned in the next paragraph.

How to reset TP-Link Extender Setup using

Before resetting, know this – if you can access the TP-Link Extender login page, then do take back up. It may be helpful later. Even if it is not, do this because you may not know what comes helpful and when. It is good to be prepared because when you reset, you are putting your device to its factory default settings. Let’s see the steps.

  1. Ensure the fact that you have a proper connection of network and power. Also, your extender is connected to the power outlet.
  2. Now you have to look for the reset button on your Tp-Link extender. It is mostly on the back of the extender.
  3. Next, you have to press the button as per the LED behavior. By which, we mean that you have to press and hold the button called reset for about ten seconds.
  4. After that, you can release the reset button. This will make your device run on the default factory settings.

Now just restart it for once. After which, you have to re-configure your TP-Link Extender, so to set its bands on your home router network.


We here sincerely hope that you have your query to fix the problem with the TP-link extender’s blinking light by now. If you did reset it then reconfigure it. If your issue was sorted by means of the troubleshooting tips, then do enjoy your TP-Link Extender’s network.

Reach out to our team of technical experts if you have any issues. They are here to sort your issue in regard to the topic of this extender. Just drop us a text in the chat window, and we will help you.

Good thing for you – we are available 24×7 for 365 days.  

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